Chapter One

Lost Mind

I woke up on an empty dust road. It looked like if no one has ever lived here. The breeze was cold and I could only hear the sound of the animals in the forest. There were trees everywhere and the road leaded to a dark forest. I had no idea of who I was and it was difficult to breathe. I was trying to remember what really happened. I was really scared. My back ached and head and I couldn’t explain why I was hurt. At that moment there was no one and nothing to make me remember. I kept walking beside the road for about  5 km inside the dark forest it was late and I was starting to get scarier than ever, I imagined that I would be devoured by a ferocious animal, suddenly I heard something coming from very far, it sounded like rock music in a car. It was a black Hummer. As it was getting close to me the people inside the car started to beep at me like if they were amaze to see me. Erick! They shouted. “Where have you been?” they said. But I had no idea of whom they were I couldn’t even remember who I was. As they stopped the car beside me I approached them and asked them, “Do you know me?” All of them started to laugh uncontrollably. “Are you serious? One of the guys said hesitatingly .

“I am. I don’t know who I am” I told them. “Guys he’s serious, he doesn’t remember, is he nuts?” one of the guys said very convincingly and starring at me like if I was a source of alien. One of the guys got down of the car and came close to me. I couldn’t recognize him as he was getting much closer. I was frozen I couldn’t move like if a serious killer was approaching to me. As he was close enough he told me “you are Erick McCartney”. “I am Anthony your best friend” he told me. I wasn’t sure what to say at that moment I was shock and I didn’t even trust him. So I told him “I don’t remember you at all”. “But I do. Just let me take you home” he said. I wasn’t sure of telling him yes but I guess I didn’t even have a choice, maybe I wouldn’t find another car at night  and worst is to stay in the woods alone. “What happened to you? Why did you lose your memory?” he asked like trying to test me if I was lying, why would I?

I deeply inside didn’t know any of those answers and I felt like if I was just being born, new to this world at all. So I told him “I don’t know, I just woke up beside the road and that’s all I can recall.” When I was inside the car they were all murmuring something to each other’s ears. I felt uncomfortable. Anthony said “Let me present you your friends too, he is Ian, Steve and Ryan.” They were your best friends since you were born.” He laughed. Ian looked familiar to me like if I have seen him before. But I thought I’ve seen him before of course the only problem was that I couldn’t remember him.

He is a Caucasian guy with blue eyes blonde straight hair and handsome, and thin, his style seems like an emo guy. Which would probably explain the rock music in the car; he’s the owner I guess.

Steve looked Latin but his English was so good that he probably was born in the USA. He had tan skin, brown eyes and short straight black hair, tall and slim, and his style seems like barrio boys.

Ryan seems like this type of guys who lives the crazy life, his hair was brown, his eyes gray, his skin was white and he is tall. Kind of a punk guy.

And then Anthony my best friend “according to him”, he’s a caucasian he had green eyes, he dressed super cool clothes. He had an amazing black jacket on. His hair was black, straight, and shiny, tall and a funny and incredible personality, no wonder he was my best friend. I wished so much to remember him and my friends. I wanted to ask Anthony about me and if I had a family. But I was so afraid of knowing the truth about me; I was so new to everything. As we were driving we spent like one hour from where they pick me to where I supposedly lived. My house was big and mysteriously abandon. It was built on a hill, but the view from that place was like a peaceful paradise. I guess I haven’t seen anything as beautiful as this.

My house was surrounded with mallow flowers, lilies, and sunflowers. I guess my parents were fanatics of flowers. I had no idea. When we stopped at the entrance door. I got off the car and my heart started to pump as fast as it could, I truly thought it was going to explode. I had no idea of where I was or who was I. Everything seemed so confusing and mysterious. “Do you remember living here?” Anthony asked. “No, I don’t” I said to him. “When you were a baby Erick, your parents……….”suddenly Anthony paused. “What happened to my parents, please tell me I need to know everything, no lies” I said expecting to know more immediately. “Your parents were murdered in this house” Anthony said. I was so shock, I felt like if I was going to faint, I wanted to vomit. I didn’t know what to do, I sat on the porch of that house and Anthony was trying to calm my nerves and help me understand what he just told me. My knees and arms were shaking uncontrollably. It was probably my nerves that were unstable.

“And you said that this happened when I was a baby” I said to Anthony.

“Yes, Erick It did” he said. “How do you know these things” I said to him. “Because you told me so. You told me everything about you, my dad, and what you were looking for. In fact we have never come here before because you told me that it’s not safe. I always wanted to come here since I was a small boy but you never wanted me to come. You used to live with your uncles but they left you when you were seventeen. In other words they disappear without any trace. Since then you have lived alone in here.” he said. “I felt so frustrated; I can’t remember anything at all. I don’t even know how I look like” I said back to him.


I was feeling to have the sensation of a knot on my throat, forcing myself, not to cry and I felt more confuse than ever. I wanted to die in that moment and forget about all what was happening. “You need to rest” Anthony said. I’ll take you to my place he said. “Is he okay?” asked Steve as he was approaching me. “Yeah, He’s all right, he’s a little confuse but he will get over it, don’t worry” Anthony responded.

Let’s go Erick. As we were leaving the porch of the house I watched the full moon, it was like a precious jewel to me. “Stop!” I told Anthony. “Why are there flowers if no one lives here?” I asked. “You planted them yourself” Anthony responded. “You love plants you always had” he said it very confident. That is why probably when I came to the house I felt amaze by the place even thou it felt cold and frightening. “I’ll explain everything later. I believe it has been a very long night for you. You surely need to rest to be able to digest the rest of the information.

There’s more than you could ever imagine” he said. I was so curious but I felt like I had enough so I entered inside the car. As he was driving I was thinking that it must have been difficult to live without my parents and then knowing how painful would it be that the only people you truly love disappeared without leaving a trace. That’s why I probably wanted to forget or maybe I wanted to kill myself. I don’t really remember why I woke up in a strange place. As they were talking I felt asleep in the car.

I heard a loud voice calling me it was Anthony trying to wake me up, I was so sleepy that I barely wanted to get up but I had to. When we got out of the car there was a beautiful two floors house made of wood. Its luxury was immensely modern as we were walking to the porch the door had no locks, instead it had a digit panel like the ones they use for the labs. I wondered why he used this kind of locks so I couldn’t help to ask “Why do you use this kind of locks Anthony” I said to him.

He answered “My father is a scientist, he likes to keep his house super secured,” he said. “What kind of scientist is he?” I asked. “Too many questions for now, you need to rest, I’ll answer you inquiries tomorrow okay?” said Anthony. As we were passing the living room we headed straight to the stairs to go to the second floor of the house and we went to a blue room which was Anthony’s room. He had two beds that was very rare for me, I was about to ask him when I thought “Is better to ask tomorrow” I thought.

It was morning and I woke up alone in the room, the sun reflection was shining my face so bright that it was impossible to sleep again. At first I got scared but I remember immediately what had happen yesterday. As I was getting down from bed there was a mirror on Anthony’s wall, I was a maze of how did I look like. I had brown eyes, slim, straight dark hair and it looked like if I was Hispanic.

This was like my first time to see my good looking face; it was like if I was getting to know myself through the mirror. After I had finish gazing at my own image  at the mirror, I got disturb by a noise downstairs like if something had broken something on the kitchen.

I walked out of the room through a long hallway that had many doors like a hotel would do and at the end I reached the stairs and turned left and saw the kitchen, there was Anthony cooking. “Good Morning” he said. “Hey, Good Morning” I said too. “I am so glad to have you as friend Anthony, what would have been of me if you weren’t here for me” I told him. “It’s a pleasure to be your friend, you have always been like a brother to me Erick, you don’t need to thank me anything at all, I do it unconditionally” he said. “I know” I told him.

I felt at that moment that I wanted to cry and tell him how much I appreciate what he has done. But I thought then that it wouldn’t be such a good idea to cry in front of him, it would be too weird.

He was still somehow a stranger to me, I didn’t have the courage to trust him yet even after what he has done. My life was full of so many surprises and none were good.

He then served me eggs, bread, and crushed beans and sat to eat with me at the table. While I was eating he was staring at me all the time like if he had brought a new pet or a bra new item. As we were eating he asked “You really don’t remember?” he said. I stopped chewing what I was eating and responded, “No, I don’t, I’m sorry I wish I could”. I truly wondered why he was asking that question with so much curiosity. After everything we had been through yesterday. “Finish your food I’ll see you at the library” he said. “Okay I’ll be there.” As soon as he finished eating he got up of the chair and started to act a little weird, like if he was mad that I couldn’t remember.

I was about to finish my food and somebody was entering the front door and I couldn’t recognize him at all. He was a man in his forties very preserve he looked younger like 30. His hair was black and had green eyes like Anthony; it was obviously Anthony’s father. He didn’t look like his father much. Probably his mother was the dominant trait of his appearance. He approached to the table where I was eating the last bit of my eggs and he said to me, “Hey! Erick, how have you been?” I didn’t even know how to respond because I didn’t know his name so it occurs to me to call him “Sir”. “Well I’m okay Sir” I said.

And he responded, “Since when do you call me Sir, are you alright” he asked. “Just a bit tired” I told him. “Is Anthony here?” he asked me. “Yes, he is in the library or studio I think” I said to him.  “Okay, tell him to come see me at the lab, I’ll be waiting for him” he said joyfully. I’ll sure do” I responded. As he was leaving.

I was in my way to the library, there was Anthony reading a black book on a sofa beside the desk of his father that was located in the studio. It had long shelves with tons of books of all sizes and colors around the library. “Sit” he told me. I was getting a little bit nervous of what he was telling me or what he was about to reveal to me. “I’ll tell you more about you Erick, I know we haven’t spoken much but we need to start from the beginning. You are rich, you have two million dollars in your account for your disposition.” he said to me. “What! Are you serious?” I said excited and at the same time amaze of what he was telling me. He follows and kept explaining me “Yes, you are wealthy as me, your mother and father was also scientists they studied the cloning process and developments with animals.” I didn’t know what to tell him at that moment everything seemed so amazing and shocking at the same time; I was starting to know about me and my family and also feeling shallow without any memory of who I was at all.

It was like if someone was telling you a story about someone you didn’t even know and you actually were that person and the worst part, that they are telling you, your whole life when you are suppose to be telling them about you. “Are you okay” he asked. “No, I’m not okay, I’ll never be okay until I remember it all” I said to him angrily to my own self. “I have a question for you Anthony, if my parents were scientists and your father too, did they work together?” I asked. “Yes, they were partners and they studied the same field, in fact that’s how we got to know each other. We weren’t even born when my dad and your parents were friends” he answered. I sat down at the couch that was at the library too and lay down tired and confuse with so much information that I couldn’t remember at all. I felt like falling from an abysm were no one would notice if I died. After thinking a little bit of what he told me, I stared at him and he was really worried that I would get crazy of the things he told me. I felt him just by seeing his expression.

He came near me as I stand up to tell him something and suddenly he hug me and started to cry and telling me, “I’m so sorry Erick that you forgot everything, I feel so guilty and miserable that I left you alone. I truly miss the Erick you were” he said. At that moment I felt more miserable than he did with me and shallow. I wanted to tell him that I really appreciate his friendship but I thought it wouldn’t help. So I told him, “I am so grateful to have you brother, I know I can’t remember the past at all but one thing is surely, you are my best friend and thank you for that”.

He stopped hugging me and said, “It’s nothing you know that I would do anything for you” he said as he was whipping his tears on his cheeks. “Can you do me a favor” I said to him. “Sure anything” he said. “Can you lend me some clothes because I really stink like a wet dog” I said to him as we were laughing. “It’s not necessary, you have cloth here, and you use to stay here a lot too. Your clothes are at our guest room, it’s a white room at the end of the hall upstairs.” he said. “Okay, I’ll be right there” I said to him. “Can you do me another favor?” I said to him. “Tell me, I’ll do anything if I can” he told me. “Can you take me back home; I want to go back because I want to start to remember things? I need to touch and see things for myself so my memory starts to clear up and remember things, I don’t know but I just need to return.

“Okay, as soon as you shower because I don’t want you to kill our friends with that odor” he said and laughed together.

As I was heading back to the guest room to find the clothes that I was going to wear, I forgot to tell Anthony that his Dad wanted to see him at the lab so I pass again beside the hall that leads to the front door downstairs and there I saw him reading and he asked”  What’s wrong?”. “I am so sorry I forgot to tell you that your Dad has arrived and that he wanted to see you at the lab” I said to him. “Thanks I’ll be right there” he responded. As I was returning I heard someone knocking on the door more than twice and Anthony couldn’t listen so I dared to open the door. There was a normal height Asian man standing on the front door that was dressing in formal black clothes, he looked young. He entered without permission and he show me a badge and said “Hello my name is Stanley Hicks, detective of L.A.”.

I was starting to get scared and he looked at me like if he had won the lottery jackpot. His eyes shine of pleasure when he saw me “I have a few questions for you Erick; I want you to answer me with the truth and only the truth. I need you to tell me what happened to you yesterday?” he said. I didn’t know how to answer his question and weirdest thing ever was that he knew who I was and by the way how he knew what happened to me. I said to him “How do you know me and how do you know that something happened to me?” “He stared at me very serious and told me “I am not authorized to give you that information, just cooperate and I’ll help you, but most of all trust me”

“I’m sorry sir but I can’t and won’t tell you anything, please leave!” I said to him scared but I didn’t want to let him know that I was. He kept looking at me with in a strange way. He approached the door and said to me with a deep voice “I’ll be back for you to answer my questions.” I slam the door behind me asking myself who it was, because I had no idea. At that moment Anthony approached and said “Was there someone knocking the door?” and I responded “Yes, it was a detective questioning me about what did really happened to me and what was more strange is that he knew my name and he almost obligated me to tell him what happened to me yesterday.

Anthony got instantly nervous and his respiration was accelerating like if he has seen a ghost, he instantly grabbed my wrist and said “We need to go hurry up get your clothes now! There is no time for explanation, I’ll tell my Dad. Go! Hurry up!” I ran with my heart accelerating like if it was going to get out of my chest and not knowing anything at all of what was really happening. As I was in the room trying to find my clothes that I couldn’t remember at all, I instantly received a flash vision in my brain about that man I just saw, he had a police flashlight and I saw him hitting Anthony on the head. Suddenly the vision stopped.

And I was ready to go as I was climbing down the stairs I saw Anthony and his father with suitcases and backpacks. “Ready?” he said to me. “Yes, I told him anxiously and with a huge amount of adrenaline running through my veins. “Anthony! I remembered something about this man hitting you on the head, I don’t know where but I can assure you I saw him” I said to him as I grabbed his armed. “Are you sure?” he asked. “I’m positive” I said to him. “Oh! No! Dad he is a having a future vision, he saw this happening to me” Anthony said it very scared. “We need to get out of here” said Dr. Wilson, Anthony’s dad. “No! I want to know what’s wrong with me, why are we running.”   I said to them like wanting to know surely what was wrong with me. Dr. Wilson looked at me serious and said to me “Okay! I’ll tell you but don’t ask more questions until we get to where we have to okay.” I nodded

“You can predict the future and you also possess special powers, you are not completely human” he said with such convincing power. I had no words in my mouth, I couldn’t move my mouth at all because I was so shocked and felt out of this world. “I’ll explain to you later okay” Dr. Wilson said. “Now, let’s go!” Anthony said and looking at me like if he felt sorry that I knew what was really happening. We entered the car and we drove for hours and days and we went to a place out of the city were there was no people around us. The place was beautiful. It had pine trees all around the street and you could see from the car an amazing lake. Then we made a turn at a dust road similar to the one I saw at first when I woke up.

At the end of that road there was a huge wood house with amazing big transparent windows and terrace. There were plants everywhere and what gave the house the most incredible touch was the lake. The lake was in front of the house. It was starting to get late, the night had fallen and the place was really dark and cold outside. My hands and feet were freezing. So I went close to the fire place with Anthony and Dr. Wilson inside the house. There was light at the house because they had an energy plant. As I was approaching to the chimney I saw they were eating and Anthony said to me “Hey here’s your food, what took you so long?”

“Na! I was just looking at the lake” I said to him. “It’s beautiful right?” Anthony asked. “Yes, it’s beautiful, have I been here before” I asked. “Yes, we have been here many times when we were little boys, this is when we spend our summer vacation with our friends and my parents.” Anthony replied. “Yes, we use to come here a lot” Anthony explained. “It’s a shame you can’t remember anything” Dr. Wilson said. As I was eating I wanted to ask Dr. Wilson everything about me so, I did. “Now is the moment to tell me everything about me Dr. Wilson and Anthony I want to know everything.” I said to them. “Okay, Erick I let you know. Can it wait until I finish eating” said Dr. Wilson. I was eating and those 5 minutes seemed to me eternal until finally he was ready to talk and said “Okay, Erick listen to me carefully” said Dr. Wilson. I was paying attention like if my life depended on it. He continued “Your parents weren’t humans, they looked like humans only that there DNA was not as ours, they came from a planet named Cethuriansan located from six galaxies from here. They had an accident when they crushed into the Earth’s atmosphere and couldn’t stop it, they crushed in the sea.

They survived the crash. I use to have a house near the beach in Miami. I was fishing in the coast and saw a floating object on the surface so I went to check it, as I was getting closer I saw a floating lifesavers really awkward I recall like if it wasn’t from here. I saw two people hanging beside them and there I saw your parents for the first time. Your mother was pregnant. I saved them from the water and immediately took them to my place where I had special equipment better that in most hospitals.

As I was attending them I notice something peculiar down their feet a symbol that looked like three half black moons, and that’s how I knew that they were different and when they saw my expression of surprised they told me everything that they were cethuriansans and what happened to them in space. They said that they were been chase by Tesinians that were evil human beings of the whole universe and that’s why they crushed in Earth. They were trying to hide here. When they were at home the home you know Erick, was surrounded by tesinians and they killed your parents.

When I got there to visit them that same moment I hid myself in the forest while they were there, I couldn’t do anything they were very powerful and if I intervened I would probably be dead. After they left I went inside your house and I saw them lying on the floor dead. Your mother was pregnant. I immediately transported her body with an object your mother gave me as a gift. I was in the lab and I saved the baby, that baby it’s you” Dr. Wilson explained.

I was in trance while listening to this fiction story that was and is a reality of my real life. He kept telling me more and said “After many years I had you with me, but I was scared that something might happen to you if you remained with me, so I paid temporal parents for you, and those were the uncles you knew. But after a time they got scared because you could predict things and could move things just by calling or stretching your hands, so one day they just disappeared. You loved them but you couldn’t explain why they left you. Until I told you after a time so you have lived alone since then. You were advising us that you have been receiving visions that tesinians were going to visit you to kill you and us. You have told us that since you were a kid, so you prohibited Anthony and your friends to visit you at your place. That day that you were lost was because tesinians had arrived to your house and were trying to kill you so you ran abnormally fast enough to save yourself until you fell and hit your head to the ground on a rock. You’re lucky to be alive. Because you were on the floor and the trees covered you, they couldn’t see you so they lost track of you. After a moment Anthony was heading to your place to verify that you were okay because you made a strange call to us and hang up, after that he went and saw you walking beside the road and that’s your story.” I was totally in shock and realize that I have lived a very tremendous life and full of adrenaline, I didn’t know if I could handle it. It was pressuring inside like if I wanted it to be in another way and that I was dreaming.  But I was glad to know who I was and why I was running. Now what concerned me was that they were still looking for me.

The question was, why did they want to kill my parents for? But I knew Dr. Wilson couldn’t answer that question but I always did ask to him and he said “Your parents were the last of their kind, the whole planet was destroyed and they were the only survivors, they were scientist in there planet, they didn’t want to let no cethuriansans alive, they wanted them to be extinct for the whole universe. If your parents would of spoken to the Yubinians that were located three galaxies from theirs the tesinians would be extinct immediately killed by Yubinians that were the highest power in the universe in there planet Yubin, they made the laws of the universe except for Earth they have no authority.

Earth is a neutral planet design for all races and ignorant of what exist in space. Therefore tesinians broke the law by destroying cethuriansans planet and killed them. You are the only male left of the entire universe. You are one of a kind. They want to kill you because they think you want to tell the Yubinians the truth of what happened to your planet. In other words you’re the only evidence alive that can condemn their lies. The tesinians told the yubinians that a meteor destroyed their planet, we know it’s not true, they provoked that meteor to crash on the planet” I felt very grateful that he answered that question that I didn’t expect him to answer. I couldn’t digest everything he told me because it looked like a fairytale to me, it seemed impossible or unreal to me. “Let’s go to sleep I think you need to rest to digest better what I have told you” Dr. Wilson said to me. Anthony showed me the way to my room. As Anthony was closing the door behind him he said “Good night” and I replied the same. I couldn’t sleep anything I was thinking many things until I finally fell asleep.


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